CCN#107 on its way to the printers!
8/17/2014, by Mike Mitchell

CC Prez Alan Sissom announced on Facebook today that he had pulled the issue together and it would be ready for publication and release on Monday. By all accounts, this should be a really great issue!

A lot of work went into this issue, and I know that I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping it will be the kick in the pants I need to get excited about some other CCN projects that are in the works.

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CCN #106 Rematerializes
6/17/2014, by Mike Mitchell

It appears that Alan has completed his regeneration cycle and the latest issue of the CCN has completed its journey through the time corridor to arrive in our sweaty little hands.

If you are the ilk to judge a book by its cover (I know I always do, especially at the comic shop), then it won't be hard to glean that this issue celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!

The issue runs 40 pages and Alan is demonstrating that he's quickly gaining mastery of the art of fanzine publishing.

It includes the usual fiction, letters, Facebook highlights, and some great comics by Larry Tisch and some cool stuff appearing in Fantasy Corner (always one of my favorite sections in the zine).

CCN #105 goes to press
According to new editor and organizer, Alan Sissom, the next issue of the Collectors' Club Newsletter will go to press this weekend. According to his comments on Facebook, the 32-page issue will feature a new short story by Roger Keel. It will also include the second part of Mike Mitchell's 3-part review of the Comic software. Hopefully it will ship next year.

CCN #104 Released!
At long last, the CCN has returned, thanks to the tireless efforts of Alan Sissom. They said it couldn't be done... some said it SHOULDN'T be done, but the nay sayers have the final nay said at them because it's back! The Collectors' Club Newsletter is back!


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