CCN #120 Released!
5/10/2017, by Mike Mitchell

Hey there, true believers (Stan Lee can't sue me for saying that, can he?)!

Heads up that I finally finished the next issue of the CCN and it is ready to go. I sent it to our super veep, Alan Sissom, today and he will do the magic on his end to email the PDF to everyone who gets it that way.

The mailing issues will be printed later this week (I think) and they will go out as soon as he can sit down and take care of it.

I want to thank Lance Pigeon for providing the FANTASTIC cover for this issue. Lance frequently works with digital art (as do I), but this is one of the pieces he did by hand, and I've got to say that I'm very impressed with it. This was a classic art deco / art nouveau look that fits perfectly with the Princess Diana. Those of you with sharp eyes and long memories might recognize that this particular CCN logo is one I created for the Christmas issue a while back. It just seemed to fit perfectly with his style, so I dusted it off and used it again.

This issue comes in at a whopping 64 pages (plus a mailing wrapper by Tisch), including:

  • 14 pages of Forum letters
  • 15 pages of Fantasy Corner
  • 10 pages of Articles
  • 10 pages of comics
  • 4 pages of "Club Continuum"

I really want to thank everyone who stepped up at the last minute to submit letters and content. I really appreciate it (and special thanks to John Russell and Larry Johnson for providing down-to-the-wire submissions for the back cover (that's Larry's work to the right) and poetry to help fill a 1-page "hole" I had in this issue). 

This is a strong issue folks, and just so it won't bankrupt anyone's account, I'm contributing $40 to the printing of this issue. That should shave about $2 off the cost for each of you who receive this via print. 

By the way, there are some important announcements in this issue regarding the future of the Club, so please make sure you read this issue's Soapbox carefully. I don't want anyone to be surprised if we start discussing these issues in the future.

I also am thrilled to welcome back our old friend, TILLY THE VELOCIRAPTOR, who has been absent from our pages for far too long. Honestly, you'd think a time traveler would be more punctual. I mean, yeah, the galaxy needed saving from something or other (I try to pay attention when she texts me, but sometimes I get lost in all the techno-speak about quantum-this and quantum-that). I'm just glad she's back to share our wisdom with us.

There are a few other changes and updates coming soon, but for now it's time for me to sit back, sigh with relief and get some other work done for a few weeks. As always, you can reach out to us via email, Facebook, or to Alan's PO Box.


Alan Sissom steps down
Mitchell becomes Interim Prez
3/13/2017, by Mike Mitchell

Hey everybody. I hope this Monday morning finds everyone well and in good spirits. Alan Sissom has been talking to me Susan Dorne, and the short version of the story is that Alan needs a break. We're not sure how long this break will last (maybe a few months, maybe permanently), but for now, I will be taking over as the editor of the Collectors' Club Newsletter.

Unless someone else steps forward right now and wants the job, I will accept my appointment as Interim Prez of the CC. Alan will be staying on as the Vice President and Treasurer. The division of duties will be as follows: I will collect, collate and produce the Newsletter itself.

Alan will handle keeping up with the roster, accounts, the actual printing and mailing of the physical copies. Sue, of course, will stay on as the editor of Fantasy Corner. Alan has already sent me the material he has, and this week I will start putting it all together. My target date for releasing CCN #120 will be mid May 2017. Probably around April 15-17.

I will have a new email address for submissions set up in the next day or so. If you do have something ready now, you can send it to Alan or PM me for my private email address. And before I go, I want to express my gratitude to Alan for making a go of it this long. The Collectors' Club would still be defunct without him. I hope he knows how much his hard work has meant to us, and I'm hoping this change will let him get a little rest so he can focus on his family and friends.



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